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Wade Fishing the Rappahannock River

The most detailed guide on Wade Fishing ever published for the Rappahannock River

  • 252 Pictures
  • 279 GPS Coordinates
  • 23 Maps

The Rappahannock River is home to some of the biggest, meanest smallmouth bass in Virginia.  These cantankerous beasts cruise silently in the quiet pools and fast runs below old trench lines that mark the remains of violent Civil War battles or in remote, oddly named places like Snake Castle Rock. 

Steve Moore shares his years of experience fishing this premier river to guide you to the best water between Fredericksburg and Chester Gap high in the Blue Ridge.  The book covers 24 access points that open up 42 miles of the river to fishing.  Even though the book is specifically oriented at anglers who fish on their feet, kayakers and canoeists will find it equally useful as they will be able to spend more time fishing the productive water on their float downstream.

Pictures, pictures, pictures!  252 of them amplify the story and allow you to put your experienced angler's eye on the water prior to spending the time to reach the more remote places Steve covers. Given we are in the internet age, Steve includes 279 GPS coordinates useable for customized directions via the Internet or loadable into your GPS receiver to guide your day on the water.

Finally, any discussion of the Rappahannock must mention the superb fishing available during the spring shad run.  Steve dedicates a chapter to where to go and how to catch the fish called the "poor man's tarpon."

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The coverage of the smallmouth section of the Rappahannock is detailed, thorough and comprehensive .... and will probably take you to places you did not know you could fish without getting there on a canoe!  For example... Snake Castle Rock!

Great fishing on the lower river below the Confluence!

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