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Wade Fishing the Rapidan River

The most detailed guide on Wade Fishing ever published for the Rapidan River

  • 248 Pictures
  • 162 GPS Coordinates
  • 21 Maps

The Rapidan River is an angler's dream that can be fished year round since the watershed includes both tough, cranky smallmouth bass as well as aggressive mountain brook trout. Following the precedent set in his other CatchGuide books, Steve starts the story at the mouth of the Rapidan where it slams into the Rappahannock at the smallmouth bass fishing heaven known simply as "the Confluence" and ends above the old presidential retreat at Camp Hoover high in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

There are 18 different access points between those two locations that open up over 34 miles of river. Even though the book runs over 50,500 words, that is not enough to describe the fabulous fishing on this premier river.

248 pictures, coupled with 21 maps, tell the rest of the story. Using them, put your experienced angler's  eye on the water and make your own judgment before you drive to any particular location. In the Internet age, pictures and words are not enough. The book includes 162 GPS coordinates you can use to obtain customized directions via the Internet or put the coordinates into a GPS receiver to guide your day on the water. 

Beyond wade fishing, Steve also discusses each access point in terms of its compatibility to launch a canoe or a kayak. Once in the water, floating anglers will be well served to use this guide to quickly move to the good spots and not waste time floating over unproductive water. In particular, they will find the detailed coverage that covers every foot of the river from Elys Ford all the way to the Confluence exceptionally focused and useful.

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The coverage of the smallmouth section of the Rapidan is detailed, thorough and comprehensive .... and will probably take you to places you did not know you could fish!  There is much, much more to the river than just the section at Elys Ford!

The trout section starts at the Graves Mill entrance to the Shenandoah National Park and extends all the way up to and beyond Camp Hoover.  Let the pictures tell the story.  The book includes detailed coverage of the Staunton River!

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