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Wade and Shoreline Fishing the Potomac - Chain Bridge to Harpers Ferry

The most detailed guide on Wade and Shoreline Fishing ever published for the Upper Potomac

234 pages 200+ pictures
42 Maps 45 Tables

The book is offered in both a downloadable color eBook format or traditional black and white hardcopy via Amazon CreateSpace.

Prior to publication, the book was "fact checked" by numerous members of the Potomac River Smallmouth Club and New Horizon Bass Anglers. All their recommendations were included in the final volume.  Here is some of the feedback:

"I read your book today and it is excellent. I have been a guide on the Shenandoah and Potomac for more than 30 years and your descriptions from Brunswick to Harpers Ferry are excellent."

"Wow, what a treasure of information! What a treat to read. Thanks for doing this."

While the content in both versions is identical, the eBook is in color, has larger pictures And every one of the 208 GPS coordinates is hot linked to Google Maps where you can leverage the satellite view to assess the location

This book walks the 57.3 miles upstream from the Chain Bridge in DC to Harpers Ferry, WV using words, annotated maps and over 200 pictures to provide you exact references while removing any doubt about what to expect in each section of the river.  You can see exactly what is there before you make the long drive in the harrowing DC area traffic.

There is no more comprehensive reference.  This is the ultimate source document.  Steve identifies every access point in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland and assesses the water for both wading and shoreline access.  The book provides exceptionally detailed directions to the parking areas and then extends the discussion onto the river  Steve tells you where to go, shows pictures along the way, and identifies the key locations that you should target

Beyond the view of the river, Steve also explains the water flow conditions that must be met for the river to be fishable.  He includes 45 tables that include the minimum and maximum water flow and temperature conditions; critical information to use prior to planning a trip.  Steve does not want you to show up, excited about fishing this great body of water, and stare at a blown out river as a result of high flow conditions.

You can only put so much in a book.  For those that want more, Steve includes detailed information on the major guide operations that can take you to the right rock at the right time with the right lure. 

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Steve rates each section using a standard rating table.  This allows you to get a high level feel for the section driven by your personal level of tolerance for either a tough walk using a map to reach the best spots or easy access on a gentle path.

Since the regulations vary considerably depending on where you fish, we always include a summary prior to launching into the detailed directions and discussion.

Once you reach the access point using the driving directions, Steve shifts gears and walks the river using an annotated topo map. He marks the key areas discussed and many of the pictures have the GPS coordinates hot-linked to Google so you can trigger the satellite view for a broader perspective.

As the most comprehensive guide to wading or shoreline fishing along the Upper Potomac ever written, this book can be the difference between wasting time or having a great day!


Example annotated fishing map with key points marked


Steve walks up the river in pictures that show you exactly what to expect and where to go.  Many of the pictures include the GPS coordinates of where they were taken.  This allows you to view the location in Google.

Understanding water conditions is critical to success.  Steve discusses and shows historical data to establish the physical constraints on your visit.  Know the flow boundaries that establish the outer limits of safety and productivity.

Steve includes a chapter that has the average water flows and temperatures based on the historical record for each gage.


This is the most comprehensive guide available!

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